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Stability Testing: Submission Form
     Heat Stability: $20 (250mL sample required)
     Cold Stability:
          Davis Conductivity: $30 (375mL sample required)
          DIT: $55 (375mL sample required)
          ISTC50: $55 (375mL sample required)
     Bentonite Fining Trial: $75 (750mL sample required)

CloudSpec Testing: CloudSpec Brochure
(A CloudSpec account is required to upload and read these results.)
     Color Only: $15 (50mL sample required)
     Phenolics Only: $30 (50ml sample required)
     Color and Phenolics: $40 (50ml sample required)
     AWRI Anthocyanin, Tannin and Phenolics Panel: $60 (50ml sample required)
     Color, Phenolics, and AWRI Panel: $100 (50ml sample required)

Other Services:
     Turbidity (NTU): $15 (50mL sample required)
     Free SO2 for Juice: $15 (50mL sample required)
     TTB Certified Chemist Report: $15 (Unopened, customer-ready bottle required)
     vinoBrett (Brettanomyces): $50 (50mL sample required) Brochure
     Filterability: $50 (750mL sample required)

Wine and Juice Panels:
     Occasional Service: $40.00 per sample
     Basic Subscription: $22.00 per sample with 10 samples per month minimum*
     Standard Subscription: $16.50 per sample with 25 samples per month minimum*
     Premier Subscription: $11.00 per sample with 50 samples per month minimum*
     *Pricing based on annual subscription.

The following analysis is included for each wine or juice sample:
 Wine Samples: Juice Samples:    
          Ethanol          Brix        
          Total Acidity          Total Acidity        
          pH          Tartaric Acid        
          Volatile Acidity          Malic Acid 
          Glucose / Fructose          pH 
          Malic Acid          Glucose / Fructose 
          Lactic Acid          Ammonia 
          Free SO2          Alpha Amino Nitrogen 
          Total SO2          Potassium